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The end of one chapter

2 Dec

Nature saying goodbye today at La Universidad Nacional, my home for the past 4 months.

I`m going to appologise in advance because I`m a little rushed but want to get something written down.  The sheer amount of things I`m itching to write about is a little daunting.

There`s the insights gained from 10 weeks of teaching english to my girls at Fundaciòn RAHAB, a center that fights prostitution around the world; the week long seminar I could give about why if you haven`t traveled, you`re not really living to anyone patient, kind, and crazy enough to listen; the humbling fact that minimum wage here is $1.60/hr yet McDonalds doesn´t have a dollar menu and things more or less cost the same or more than in the US across the board; or we could begin an educated safety debate on the use of machetes as the lawn care tool of choice.  The list goes on, and I promise I`ll come back and touch on the most intriguing topics in a few weeks.  For now, I`d just like to say that Costa Rica has been one hell of a ride.

For the past 3 months I`ve been talking about listening to Malpaìs, more or less the national band, in the beach they`re named after.  This weekend, as the sun set over the Pacific sitting on a rock with surfers from around the world to my left trying their hardest at 10ft waves, a coastline that would make any postcard jealous spanning out to the horizon on my right, and tin houses behind me, I listened to the song Malpaìs by Malpaìs in Malpaìs playa (beach) then kissed the sand of Costa Rica goodbye…  Literally.  People do weird things sometimes; don`t judge.  I`ll be back in the next 5 years and vow to repeat that perfect moment.  And to all you friends who made Costa Rica the special place it is, I love you all.   As beautiful as Costa Rica is, you all have made the biggest impression on me.

Tomorrow, I`m picking my backpack back up and heading to the forbidden sands of Cuba to get to know Che, relive the 1950s, get to know the real story behind the lives of people who stand in lines that span hours for their one ice cream cone of the week but have the best healthcare in Latin America, and hopefully open my eyes to a different world 90 miles from our coast.

What does that mean? Given that the internet is slightly controlled by the Government in a China-esque way, I will be pretty unreachable.  In 2 weeks, I promise to share as much as I can about what I learn, experience, and live in Cuba along with the stories I still owe you from Costa Rica.  Until then…

¡Pura Vida!