¡Costa Rica!

20 Oct

The feeling of screaming, “COSTA RICA!!!!!” at the top of your lungs from a mountain simply isn’t replicable.  The biodiversity here makes me question what rock I’ve been living under for the past 20 years, the people and culture are lovingly brilliant, my friends here are studs who enjoy deep conversation, and if I shared some of the last 2 month’s adventures–that’s really the only word I can think of that would do them justice– on video the ab workout would kick P90x’s ass.  Laughing’s deadly you know.

Did I mention that Costa Rica is blowing my mind?  Don’t have any doubts in your mind.

Where have I been?  Climbing Cerro Chirripo the highest peak in Costa Rica laid siege by constant waves of clouds that gifts successful summiters a liberating view spanning from the Pacific to the Caribbean; exploring tropical rain forests in the wee hours of the night; salsa-ing the night away; taking fulfilling classes like Entrepreneurship & Human Rights at la U; reading Foucault’s thoughts on racism en Español; courting my love the Spanish language, although right now she’s playing hard to get; and living life.

Don’t ask me what prompted this long pausa (break) … I guess I’m on Tico time now.  There are a million stories, observations, thoughts, and other awesomeness waiting to be told, and I feel like with an opportunity like this, it’s my duty to share as much of the insights I stumble across here as possible.

Note: If you ever climb a mountain with a bamboo stick you should know that upon reaching the summit odd things happen.  In a hysterical fit of joy you might try and combine the intense years of martial arts training you had from ages 6-9 with all the body contorting and gravity defining moves from badly dubbed movies a white man who can barely touch his toes should never attempt to replicate.  Complete this mental picture with the priceless confused faces European tourists make when, in their exhausted post-Chirripo state, they start to question whether the crazy screaming white man swinging around a bamboo stick is actually real or a figment of their utterly exhausted imaginations.

I’m committed to share some insights through stories each week.  If you have any thought provoking questions, please send them my way and we can start some inter-hemisphere discussion.

PS: It’s hard to write en Inglés.




One Response to “¡Costa Rica!”

  1. Anonymous October 20, 2011 at 6:32 am #

    I’m digging your writing style there Kev. Keep up the good work!

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