The letter “S”

1 Jun

In Lajas I spent my morning hours corralling the little ones at “Escuela de la Mariposa”, the local pre-k/community center we helped brighten up with a mural and new paint job last year.  I don’t know if the foreigner with a magical picture capturing device (me) that caused an epic Civil war to erupt between the warring factions at the 3-4yr old table and 5-6 yr old table, or if this was just part of the daily routine.  I guess when there’s no glue in a class to eat, kids have to resort to other forms of lunacy.

While we didn’t make it past tracing out our cursive “S”s in both lessons I attended, these kids more than made up for the lack of material with excitement about about anything and everything.  Those S’s are no joke.

4 yr olds can look studious too!

Dominga and the other teachers hand draw the lessons into every kid’s book each week.  Talk about dedication.

I couldn’t help but wonder.  How would my life be different if my kindergarten years had been shaped by brilliant teachers trying to make up for the blatant lack of material and supplies to teach students.  What if I had spent years 3-6 in the same classroom learning the same letters?  What if I had never been introduced to a computer?

How would your life be different?

On the other side of that coin, how can this lacking of opportunity be a strength?  When we interviewed community members almost every single one, when asked to describe their community in few words, said “Happy”, “Tranquil”, or “Family”.  Now I ask, what do you think your community back home would say to the same question?

Food for thought


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