Diving in Head first

16 May

(Dangerous Do Not Pass)

It’s 2:30am and tomorrow I’ll leave behind a “normal” summer to venture south into a land full of colors, Hispanic culture, a new tongue, beautiful souls, and adventurous experiences to be had. If you know me, you know I live for this, yet for some reason I’m still up…and it’s not the 5 lbs of brownies and icecream sitting happily in my stomach in preparation for the ice-cream-less life I’m about to begin.

It all boils down to change. Some thrive in it, some avoid it like the plague. Everyone handles this frequent disruptor differently, and for me, a champion of adverse circumstances, I actually don’t know what to expect. My love hate relationship with Monday, May 16th is a mystery. Leaving behind friends and family is what grips me, but I’m pulled to still go. It’s like any cliche spy movie when the “aha!” plot twist pulls you to the edge of your seat.  The protagonist turned antagonist is hanging off a cliff with one arm locked in a death grip to our beloved hero. While it sucks to let go, it’s a necessary evil to progress the plot. Don’t tell anyone, but May 16th and I are breaking up after tonight’s date.

Tomorrow (today, it’s 3am) Que Lo Que will take it’s second venture into the wonders of La Isla Hispañola. We’ll be working in Lajas with their new artisan school while living the everyday lives of the people and trying to document a holistic view of their amazing community. Did I mention the mangoes taste like a gift from above? Don’t tell anyone, but that’s our real reason for going….

When was the last time you dived in head first?



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